Incident control

To innovate is to look ahead

By listening to the specific whishes of clients and taking advantage of market developments, has, in recent years, been highly succesful in all kinds of cleaning projects. Through research, developing technical ideas and in-depth training of our employees, we are even better equipped to provide the correct solution for any problem in the field of safety & salvage as well as cleaning and high-pressure techniques. We're constantly innovating, so that our clients can use quality at lower costs and with a greater ease of use.


We work exclusively with motivated, very experienced and highly qualified people. They have a great knowledge and experience in working with compressed air, gas-suits, pump and ladder operation, OGS, RISC (Rescue in Safe Conditions), divers, etc.

Knowledge, expertise, experience, quality

  • Great knowledge of dangerous goods / ADR / ADN / IMDG / RID / IATA and the legislation of waste.
  • Expertise in the field of obstructed goods, barrels, (tank) containers.
  • Experience with nearly all forms of (tank) container interventions (as well on board as on shore).
  • Container inspection, damage control, leak shut down, salvage.
  • Record of damage in a report and photographic material to match.
  • An objective but cost-aware treatment.
  • Q-FOR, ISO 9001:2000 and VCA** certified.