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Fitting solution

People, security and speed, thes are important starting points of our aims and strategies. With sufficient knowledge, expertise and a strong network, we have proven that we are capable to deliver very specialised services in the Benelux. This includes the draw up of internal emergency plans for companies and institutions cfr. Art. 5, KB 16 February 2006.

We solve your problem with the best fitted solution, whereby we reckon with the total cost. We distinguish us in the area of the giving of advice and technical support of incidents with dangerous goods. Not only during office hours but also at night and in the weekend. Our goal is to act fast and adequate and to deal with complex situations in a professional way, against acceptable rates.


  • Repacking and labelling of dangerous goods.
  • Dismantling of druglabs.
  • Removal of abandoned chemicals, objects and environmental hazardous products.
  • Diving after lost objects.
  • Removing objects on dofficult accessible places.
  • Removing coagulated animal and vegetable products such as cocoa butter, paraffin, deep fat, etc.
  • Removal of all sorts of substances on the road (such as hydrocarbon combinations, resin,...)
  • Cleaning pavements, terraces, concrete tiles, asphalt, concrete floors and walls, graffiti, chewing-gum, paint or ink.
  • Removing dangerous goods from platforms, cargo-space, (tank) containers and IBC's.
  • Emptying ship's holds, silos,...
  • Tidying up polluted shops, objects and art.
  • Emergency clean-up of receptions halls, terraces, production and factory halls.
  • Disinfecting, cleaning of crime scenes.
  • Collecting dead bodies at for example bird and/of fish mortality.