Safety & Salvage Team

Assistance unit

In the past the required material for container interventions had to be picked up from several locations what caused a lot of timeloss. Providing the necessary pump-resources and air-protection brought a number of restrictions with itself what sometimes caused an obstruction to optimum devotion. To improve this, to be able to serve the more complex segments of the market and to constantly fulfil the legal requirements, we've invested the last couple of years in a number of specialised assistance units.

While dispatching accidents with dangerous goods, often the demand rises for specific expertise, experience and specialistic material. With insight and a specific transfer of knowledge, it has been possible to deliver, at many interventions, a significant contribution to solve complex problems. Also when it comes to the so called turning-point of assistance to service. Providing the proper expertise, people, material and resources so that the accident can be solved in good cooperation with the appropriate authorities (fire-brigade).

Assistance on location

For a good risk management and for putting the required facilities fast at your disposal, our Safety & Salvage Team has a number of unique assistance-vehicles at their disposal. By meaning of the deployment of special equipped trucks, we can guarantee a high level of multifunctional employment.

In a fully equipped coordination room, there can be deliberated about the execution of the activities; activities are been coordinated whereby people have the necessary documentation concerning dangerous goods at their disposal. The Safety & Salvage Units are further equipped with external junctions for electric appliances (own generator) and (tripod) lighting as well as junctions for working with pneumatic tools (own compressor). With a hydraulic driven system and fast-unrolling hydraulic hoses, tools and instruments can be driven on. The vehicle is equipped with tools, several hoses, couplings and every necessary expedient to pump tankers over. For this, several chemical pumps are available on the vehicle which are driven on by hydraulics / air / nitrogen / electrical.

Multi-Purpose Water Unit

We're the only company that possesses a cleaning-vehicle of which operationality is unique. The diversity of cleaning activities was the reason to invest in an environmental-friendly cleaning concept, which all clients can make optimum use of.

This vehicle is the solution for an effective cleaning process on location with high pressure/hot water treatment, if necessary, with boiling hot water. We take the client's irritation or powerlessness away, by making short work of pollution with two built-in Hot Aqua Blasters. Difficult substances and stubborn contaminations can be removed using two high-pressure hot water units. If necessary, contaminated washing water can be absorbed using the vacuum system and can be taken away in the same vehicle.