Incident screen

Traffic jam

Traffic accidents attract the attention of other road users. The most drivers have the natural compulsion to look at other people's misery and accidents on other lanes, therefore rubbernecking and dangerous situations are frequently the consequences. Not paying attention to the traffic in front is perilous! At the settlement of traffic accidents (on highways) it's important to keep the pace, to distract the free lanes as less as possible and to further the circulation of the traffic.

Storage activities, ambulances, employment of the fire-brigade and police and also clean-up activities get the attention of other road users. Looking at the consequences of incidents as well as unconsciously releasing the accelerator, causes traffic that's intermittently, with has as additional effect that there's a chance of secondary accidents and an unwanted increase of the traffic-jam.


We've worked years for this innovative solution, because rubbernecking becomes a bigger problem and charges our economy. This patented invention consists of a trailer with special clips and quick unrollable incident screens. The unrollable screens, with a length of 100 up to 200 meters, are simply attached to the crash barrier. Successful results in practice and a very extended research by the English Highway Agency shows that rubbernecking decreases rapidly and often solves automatically by fast screening off attention attracting events.

A well-considered (patented) flap system in the green coloured incident screens opens (and closes) automatically as soon as the wind increases and decreases. At this design the wind has been taken into account so that the security of this system is guaranteed.