On-site assistance

For a good risk management and for putting the required facilities fast at your disposal, our Safety & Salvage Team has a number of unique assistance-vehicles at their disposal. By meaning of the deployment of special equipped trucks, we can guarantee a high level of multifunctional employment.

In a fully equipped coordination room, there can be deliberated about the execution of the activities; activities are been coordinated whereby people have the necessary documentation concerning dangerous goods at their disposal. The Safety & Salvage Units are further equipped with external junctions for electric appliances (own generator) and (tripod) lighting as well as junctions for working with pneumatic tools (own compressor). With a hydraulic driven system and fast-unrolling hydraulic hoses, tools and instruments can be driven on. The vehicle is equipped with tools, several hoses, couplings and every necessary expedient to pump tankers over. For this, several chemical pumps are available on the vehicle which are driven on by hydraulics / air / nitrogen / electrical.

Past assignments

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